With the help of a glossary of ‘20’s slang, allow me to introduce you to a San Jose speakeasy that you have probably walked by and never noticed but is nothing less than the cat’s pajamas (the best, greatest, wonderful).

Around the corner from The Agenda Lounge you’ll find singlebarrel, marked by—now don’t let this blow your mind too much—a single barrel on the exterior wall and their version of a bouncer- a guy in a newsboy hat not to be mistaken for a drugstore cowboy (guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up chicks). singlebarrel might be the first bar I’ve ever visited with rules other than keeping your clothes on and not getting into fistfights. For instance, if you’re planning to beat your gums (chatter idly) too loudly, you might get bum rushed (kicked out of the establishment). If you’re party size is greater than six, you’ll have to sit at separate tables. And if you’re thinking of wildly hoofing (dancing), this isn’t the place.

Fixings for a mean old fashioned

If you can handle a much more muted juice joint (bar), though, you’re in for a really unique experience. At singlebarrel, you don’t give them a drink order. Instead, the bartenders—all dressed up in 20’s garb and touted for really knowing their giggle water (alcohol)—craft a special drink based on your tastes. In other words, you tell them you like strong drinks that still have a fruity flavor, or you want something tangy and sour, or yes, you’re a man but you still insist on drinking a bright pink cocktail, and they take that information to whip up your own “signature drink” that you’re sure to love.

How copacetic (wonderful) is that?

 An old fashioned by candlelight

2 thoughts on “singlebarrel

  1. This place was really cool! Thanks for the review; I probably would have never found this place otherwise. They could lighten up a little though, in the end, it is a bar…

  2. I went to Single Barrel a while back and loved it. They make the best whiskey sour I’ve ever had (amazing house-made sweet and sour). Plus the bartending is almost a show in and of itself. Between lighting orange rinds on fire and mixing egg whites into drinks (it’s good, trust me), watching your drink being made is almost as fun as imbibing it.

    Oh yeah, there’s no gum chewing or cell phone use, either. And you can’t order modern atrocities like vodka redbulls (almost solely whiskey and gin). It’s a welcome break from “normal” bars.

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