The Fairmont — the Fairest of Them All?

While it feels COVID truly has no silver linings, one slight glimmer might be that it gave some businesses in San Jose a chance to step back and assess what they want to do next — be it a menu change, a branding change, or a full-on renovation. For the Fairmont Hotel in downtown, it’s the latter.

If you haven’t seen pics of the new Fairmont, check out this post from The San Jose Blog to see what’s been done. You may just want to start planning to grab a champagne cocktail in the face-lifted lounge space with your freshly vaccinated crew. Should be an interesting place to hang out this coming year, particularly if and when Christmas in the Park returns to Caesar Chavez. (Though the drive-through event in History San Jose park was nothing short of magical. Amazing experience!)

Notable renovation mention!

Bistro Tupaz in south San Jose is renovating and still has an INCREDIBLY delicious menu that won’t break the bank. Valentines Day potential? We think yes. Let’s just START with homemade biscotti!

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